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Living in fear has been a means of survival for me for sooooooo long......

But, with the journey of self discovery, came the removal of the those protective layers, that no loner served the part of me that was ready for growth.... It has been tough, emotional and often scary to let go of my 'safety blanket of protection', but when you can acknowledge where the fear originates, be compassionate with yourself and your feelings, you can let go of that protective mechanism and reach true self embodiment.

You can navigate that fearful energy into an energy of love and guidance and realise that the protective layer only slowed your progress, stepping out of the fear awakens the part of you that is ready to move forward once again..... just like the sun reaching the shadowed leaves we can be encouraged to grow like the trees....freely and abundantly...

The more I learn the more I am able to strengthen my previous weaknesses, the more I grow, the more I am able to implement gratitude and positivity into all areas of my life....

The more I learn, the more I realise I don't need to conform or people please my way through life.... I need to stretch my branches and focus on growing me..... that in turn will provide my message and be a far greater source of encouragement to those around me.....If I can be whoever I want to be, overcome all that previously hurt me, closed my heart and kept me small, then you can too!

'Like the forest we grow better when we grow together'


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