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Well, where do I even begin?!......

For a long time I have toyed with the idea of creating this blog, yet was unsure on where to begin but mostly unsure of whether or not I had anything different or of interest to bring to the wonderful world of blogging......

Fast forward on those initial fears and here I am on this Monday evening attempting to write my first post and explain to you in short why I felt called to start NOW!:)

Over the last few months I have started on a journey of healing and self discovery ( you'll learn more about that as we go along:)

After years of searching for the 'key to happiness', being a complete victim of the 'shiny object syndrome'..... new journals, new organisers, new apps, subscribing to every 'organise your life' system there ever was, I was living in complete chaos both mentally and physically...I would pivot between weeks of feeling accomplished and productive to then feeling overwhelmed burnt out and totally miserable....

Typically a "why does it always rain on me" kinda girl, I was desperately seeking validation in others, in success and in financial gain, thinking these things would fill the void.... if you can relate to any of these feelings then you will likely also know that these avenues I was seeking did not bring me the validation I had hoped for!

The short version is I discovered what I have been looking for in myself, buried deep under all those fears, under all that loss and loneliness.... was ME and boy had I changed from that little girl that used to think the clouds were made of candy floss and the sky was the limit.... but she is still there and I am still peeling back the layers and soooooooo....Thats where this is going........

..... On this NEW DAY, of a NEW WEEK, in the month of the NEW MOON, I am writing my first post for my NEW BLOG!!!!

On a journey of healing and self discovery, whilst sharing the highs the lows and the road that lead me to this path..... I look forward to sharing my message with you....

If you got this far then I thank you and wish you goodnight xxxx

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